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This page of the website contains current information on public examinations held at Chiltern Hills Academy.

Public examinations can be a stressful time for students, parents carers so it is important that all those involved are as well informed as possible. Well informed students understand that the rules and regulations are designed to ensure fairness and minimise disturbance: it is in the interest of all that the examinations run smoothly.

The school makes every effort to ensure that students receive the best possible preparation for their examinations; that the administrative arrangements run smoothly; and that the examinations are conducted in a way that causes as little stress as possible, so that students achieve their potential.  Mock examinations are organised to the same high standards and rules as the public examinations, in order to familiarise the students with the process.

This information aims to inform parents, carers and students about examination procedures that are in place.  Importantly, it also contains the formal notices that are required by regulation to be given to each student.

If you have any questions please feel free to make enquiries to the Examinations Officer.  The Exams Officer at Chiltern Hills Academy is Mrs Dell and she may be contacted either by telephone on a direct line: 01494 782 066 ext 120 or by

Collection and receipt of Certificates

The Examining Boards issue certificates well after the examinations have taken place. When the school has received the certificates from the awarding bodies they are then prepared for the Chiltern Hills Awards Evening where they are presented to the students. If students cannot attend this evening they are still required to collect them in person. If it is not possible then a friend or family member may collect them but only bearing a letter of request signed by the student and some form of photo ID, e.g. passport or driving licence.

Certificates that are not collected after 1 year of their issue are then securely destroyed. They can only be replaced by direct application to the boards by the student, and will require proof of identity such as an original birth certificate and a substantial fee per certificate.

Students will be able to collect their certificates from Monday 22 March 2021, between 09:00 and 14:30.  It is advisable that students collect their certificates as soon as possible after this date.

Information on obtaining replacement GCE and GCSE examination certificates can be found on

GCE Resit Requests Summer 2021

The deadline for Mrs Dell to receive completed summer 2021 GCE Resit forms is 12.00 on 2 December 2020.  The form may be downloaded from these links:

May 2021 Assessments

Yr11, 12 AS only and Yr13

10th May 2021 to 24th May 2021

Mock Examinations

Yr10 and Yr12

21st June 2021 to 25th June 2021

Summer GCE/GCSE Examination Dates 2021 - Cancelled

Summer 2021 grades for GCSE, AS, A Level, BTEC and CNAT Qualifications

For this summer’s awards, schools and colleges are being asked to provide Teacher Assessed Grades for their students. These should be fair, objective and carefully considered judgements of the grades schools and colleges believe their students would have been most likely to achieve if they had sat their exams, and should take into account the full range of available evidence.

Teacher Assessed Grades will be submitted to the examination boards by the deadline of Friday 18th June 2021.  The following evidence will be used to formulate the Teacher Assessed Grades:

  • Teachers making judgements will have regard to the Ofqual Head of Centre guidance on recommended evidence, and further guidance provided by awarding organisations.

  • Curriculum Leaders will use a range of evidence such as:
    past papers / specific questions set by examination board

  • All candidate evidence used to determine Teacher Assessed Grades and associated documentation, will be retained and made available for the purposes of external quality assurance and appeals. These will be stored in a locked room/cupboard and made accessible to key staff.

  • We will be using student work produced in response to assessment materials provided by our awarding organisation(s), including groups of questions, past papers or similar materials such as practice or sample papers.

  • We will use non-exam assessment work (often referred to as coursework), even if this has not been fully completed. We will follow the guidance from examination boards on what this evidence should be (BTEC/Vocational).

  • We will use student work produced in Centre-devised tasks that reflect the specification, that follow the same format as awarding organisation materials, and have been marked in a way that reflects awarding organisation mark schemes.

  • We will use substantial class or homework (including work that took place during remote learning).

  • We will use internal tests taken by Students.

  • We will use mock exams taken over the course of study.

  • We will use records of a student’s capability and performance over the course of study in performance-based subjects.

Chiltern Hills Academy Centre Policy June 2021 for Teacher Assessed Grades gives full details of the process in place in awarding grades for June 2021.  Click here to see the policy.

Please also find below a link to a guide by Ofqual explaining in detail how grades will be awarded for summer 2021

Also, here is a link to the Ofqual website where you can find all the information and latest updates about the summer 2021 examinations.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this please contact the Exams Office

Exam Results

Ofqual have confirmed that the exam result dates will remain as originally planned.

When and how are the results distributed?
GCE and Level 3 BTEC results will be available from school on Tuesday 10 August 2021
GCSE, Level 2 BTEC and CNAT results will be available from school on
Thursday 12th August 2021

Further details of collection of results will be published in due course.

The Examination Policy, includes:

  • Non Examined Assessment/Controlled Assessment
  • Disability Policy,
  • Internal Appeals

The policy may be found on the Policies page of this website.

JCQ Guidelines

Private Candidate Procedure

If you are an external candidate who would like to take exams at Chiltern Hills Academy, please look through our Private Candidate Procedure by clicking the link below:

Private Candidate Procedure - PDF
Private Candidate Procedure - MS Word