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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department is led by the Director of Learning Support (Assistant Vice Principal) Mrs Collier-Radford. The Learning Support Department identify and work with students whom have SEND, EAL or other barriers to learning. As a department we do not work in isolation and collaborate with the pastoral team and safeguarding team regularly to ensure we have a team working around the child.

Where to find us?

The Learning Support Department is based in D block bottom corridor; a location that is in the heart of the school. In line with our inclusive approach to Learning Support this area is only one aspect of our provision and the majority of our staff work across the school supporting students.


Identification of and provision for students with recognised Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities is overseen by Mrs Collier-Radford for KS4 & 5 and Mrs Jones for KS3. Both of whom hold the National SENDCo Award.

In addition to this we have a large team of Learning Support Assistants that support students within lessons and deliver interventions; under the guidance of the SENDCos and Lead LSAs.

The Lead LSA team consists of:

Ms. Curtis - Lead LSA for Physical Disabilities and Sensory Needs

Mrs Smith - Lead LSA for Communication and Interaction

Ms. Finch - Lead LSA for Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties

Mrs Wise - Lead LSA for Exams and Numeracy

Mrs Brady - Specialist Dyslexia Teacher and Lead LSA for Literacy

The SENDCos are also supported by a SEND administrator; Mrs Selvey

We provide a number of interventions to support students who face barriers to their learning through a special educational need and these include interventions for spelling, reading, numeracy, speech and language difficulties, nurture support, social skills programmes and mentoring.

All students who are on the special educational needs register have a one-page passport which is sent to all teaching staff in order that the needs of the student is met in the classroom. These are regularly reviewed with parents, usually at a parents evening by a SENDCo. Students may go on and off the register following each assessment point and parents will be contacted either via email, phone or letter if their child goes onto or off the register.

All teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs and we recognise the need for students to be supported through high quality teaching that is well differentiated and scaffolded as necessary to meet those needs. We provide teachers with generic training and information on all SEN needs throughout the year and support them through learning walks and student focussed meetings where necessary.

Access arrangements for GCSE exams are tested for during Year 10 by a qualified assessor. Students are identified for these through staff referrals and


Chiltern Hills Academy has an EAL register which includes a three tier approach. Students at Tier 1 and 2 can have make progress with their English through Quality First Teaching strategies. Student at Tier 3 require more focused intervention sessions in small groups or 1:1 and also have an EAL passport.

The Hub:

Within the department we also have The Hub which is a safe space which provides a calm and safe environment for students requiring additional support to access education. The Hub is managed my Mrs Hare and supported by Mrs Philips; who is a trained ELSA. Both members of the HUB team are also trained in delivering Nurture provision to our most vulnerable students. This is an essential part of our provision as an inclusive school and something we are extremely proud of.

External Agencies:

The school is supported by a number of outside agencies which include educational psychology, specialist teachers, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, CAMHS outreach, family resilience and Aspire Pupil Referral Unit.

For enquiries please contact:

Year 7 and 8 - Mrs Jones

Years 9,10,11 or Sixth Form - Mrs Collier-Radford

Further Information

Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy and Disabled Access Policy can be found on the Policies page of this website.