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Prevent Duty

The 2011 Prevent strategy included three main objectives:

  • To respond to the ideological challenges of radicalism and extremism and prevent the threat that society faces from individuals and groups who promote such ideals.
  • Prevent people from being drawn to terrorism through the provision of relevant support and advice that adopts a rights-based early intervention approach.
  • Work with specified authorities, including ‘sectors and institutions’ to identify radicalisation and extremism in British society.

Signs that a child may have been radicalised might include:

Radicalisation can be really difficult to spot. Signs that may indicate a child is being radicalised include:

    • islating themselves from family and friends
    • talking as if from a scripted speech
    • unwillingness or inability to discuss their views
    • a sudden disrespectful attitude towards others
    • increased levels of anger
    • increased secretiveness, especially around Internet use

If you are concerned about radicalisation, YOU MUST REPORT IT.

CHA Safeguarding Team (

Government helpline:     Tel: 020 7340 7264