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Online Safety & Safeguarding

On-Line Safety

You may think you’re careful about using the Internet but are you sure you think of everything?  It’s so easy to post online now from all sorts of devices that youPCs might be in a hurry, or angry, and not think carefully about what you’re typing.  It’s usually possible to remove things you have second thoughts about, but what if someone’s already copied it …?

Always remember these guidelines:

  • Do not use the Internet to obtain, download, send, print, display or otherwise transmit or gain access to materials which are unlawful, obscene or abusive.
  • Respect the work and ownership rights of people outside the school, as well as other students or staff.  This includes abiding by copyright laws. 
  • Never arrange to meet anyone unless your parent/guardian goes with you. People you contact online are not always who they seem to be.
  • When using e-mail, be polite and appreciate that other users might have different views from your own. The use of strong language, swearing or aggressive behaviour is unhelpful and not allowed using your e-mail provided by Chiltern Hills Academy.
  • Never open attachments to emails unless they come from someone you already know and trust. They could contain viruses or other programs which would destroy all the information and software on your computer. 


Childline is always available for advice, click the name to go to the website or phone 0800 1111