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GCSE and BTEC Results

There were many students and staff eagerly waiting for the publication of the GCSE and BTEC results at 10am on Thursday morning.  There were ‘happy tears’ and celebrations from students as they opened their results to find that they had achieved or surpassed their target grades.

Principal, Kevin Patrick, said, “Examinations are a stressful period and the Y11 students worked well to support each other through the main examination period in June.  Today the dedication shown by students and the support and guidance given by staff has been rewarded. Congratulations and well done to everyone involved.”

Outstanding GCSE results were achieved by many students.  We are proud of the performance of the whole year group, however the following students should be particularly commended for achieving some of the top grades at GCSE or the BTEC equivalent:

Abigail Alhadeff: 2 grade 9s in Chemistry and English Literature, 5 grade 8s in Biology, English Language, History, Maths, Physics and RE, Distinction in Business Studies, grade 7 in Media Studies and grade 6 in Spanish
Chloe Alhadeff: 3 grade 9s in English Lit., History and Media Studies, Distinction Star in Business Studies, 3 grade 8s in Chemistry, English Language, Maths and RE, 2 grade 7s in Biology and Physics and grade 6 in Spanish
Anna Andronache: 4 grade 9s in English Literature, French, History and RE, 4 grade 8s in Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Physics, 2 grade 7s in Maths and Photography
Rishi Bra: 1 grade 9 in Physics, 4 grade 8s in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and RE, 2 grade 7s in English Lit. and History, grade 6 in English Language and grade 5 in French
Maia Crane: 4 grade 9s in Dance, Geography, History and RE, 2 grade 8s in Biology and English Lit., 3 grade 7s in English Language, Maths and Physics, grade 6 in French
Srishruthi Thirumalai: 8 grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, French, History, Maths, Media, Physics and RE, grade 8 in English Literature and grade 7 in English Language
Louis Townsend: 2 grade 9s in Biology and Physics, Distinction in Business Studies, grade 8 in Chemistry, 3 grade 7s in Computer Science, English Language and Maths, three grade 6s in English Lit., French and History
Adel Zakrzewski: 2 grade 9s in Art and RS, Distinction Star in Sport, 4 grade 8s in Biology, English Lit., English Language and Geography, 3 grade 7s in Chemistry Maths and Physics

The staff at Chiltern Hills Academy are looking forward to seeing many of last year’s Y11 students, together with students from other schools, as they enrol for their Sixth Form courses.  The Sixth Form at Chiltern Hills has a range of course opportunities for both traditional A Levels and vocational courses.  There are more than twenty different courses offered in the Sixth Form.  With a relatively small Sixth Form, students are nurtured and encouraged in small teaching groups to achieve their very best, whatever their interests and aspirations might be.

The enrolment for Y11 students who wish to join the Sixth Form at Chiltern Hills is 10.00am to 12.00pm on Thursday 22 August (today).  Enrolment will take place in the Academy atrium.  Alternatively applicants can contact the Director of Sixth Form, Miss L Harman by email:

Mr Kevin Patrick

22 August 2019