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Investing in Local Grass Roots Sport - Chiltern Hills 3G All-weather Pitch

Our local need

A public access all-weather sports pitch is a normal part of a modern community.  Go anywhere in Europe, even the smallest, poorest town has a floodlit synthetic turf pitch where everyone can play outdoors all year round.  Every week in Chiltern District, more than 200 teams play football and rugby, but our District is the only one in this region with no all-weather pitch to train or play on. 

Project concept

To fill the gap, Chiltern Hills Academy in Chesham is leading a well organised project to build Chiltern Hills 3G - a full-size public access all-weather pitch on the school campus. It will be used by schools in school hours and by clubs in the evenings, weekends and holidays. The surface looks3G turf and feels like natural grass and is designed to bounce and roll just like the real thing: 3G stands for 3rd generation synthetic turf.  In their newly published Playing Pitch Strategy, Chiltern District Council has recognised the strategic need for more investment in synthetic grass pitches in the Chilterns. 

Feasibility and Funding

Chiltern Hills Academy Principal Kevin Patrick has just announced an important milestone. Major funders, the Football Association and the Football Foundation, have completed a rigorous feasibility study and now happy for the school to submit a bid for funding and to apply for planning permission.  

pitchThe capital cost is substantial, over £0.8m, this it is hoped will be funded through the Football Foundation, the Football Association and the Premier League but the school and local authority will help too.  England Rugby are hopefully funding some of the cost so that the new facility is good for rugby training as well as football.  If the planning application is successful in 2019, construction of the Chiltern Hills 3G pitch will commence at the end of the year, with completion targeted for spring 2020, and for the whole facility to be up and running for the start of the 2020-21 season.

Project progress 

Project volunteer Dr Mark Pegg says it’s been a long haul.  Over the last 3 years there has been a great deal of detailed research and consultation with local clubs and interested parties to raise the profile of the Chiltern Hills 3G project and mobilise their support.  He says, ‘We’ve shown the project meets a very real need; it will be fully used by the local community and we can demonstrate it will be financially viable’.  He adds, ‘It is really pleasing to see the enthusiasm everyone has for this project and the commitment to get it funded and built’.

This still much more to do, with the launch of a public appeal in 2019to raise the money needed to close the final funding gap (see leaflet below).  Dr Pegg says we are actively working in partnership with local clubs like Chesham Utd Ladies and Youth Teams, Chiltern Athletic and Chesham Stags to make it happen and then care for it over the long term.

(Click to download PDF of leaflet or use link below)

The future

The FA and England Rugby want to use the Chiltern Hills 3G pitch to boost their game.  The FA is, for example, keen to see more women players, more opportunities for disabled players and to grow walking football for older players.   We now have the serious prospect that, for the first time in the Chilterns, girls, boys, and players of all ages will be running out and kicking balls on a fabulous state of the art facility they can use whatever the weather.

How can you help to support this valuable project for the school and whole community?

  • We are launching this to our student Sports Marathon event in the coming weeks; please do help your son or daughter to participate in this.
  • By a donation through Just Giving.  In this way if you are a tax payer we can claim back tax on your donation:
  • Alternatively you can donate through the ParentPay system where there is a donation option.
  • By spreading the word across the community and encouraging others to donate.

We do our best not to ask our parents for termly donations or significant amounts of money as we do feel that educational opportunities should be free.  However, this facility is an extra for us all and will be of benefit to students at CHA now and those in the future, as well as all the local sporting organisations that will be able to use the pitch.  Please help us to achieve this goal.

Chiltern Hills 3G Artificial Grass Football Pitch Update February 2020

This month has seen the start of a four month construction period to complete this amazing facility.  This project has been generously supported by the Premier League and Football Foundation, Rugby England and by a number of organisations and individuals raising close to £900k.

When this is completed there will be no more cancelled training sessions or matches caused by waterlogged pitches. The facility will be used by the school during the day and by the community at weekends and in the evenings. 

In the photograph is Cllr Patricia Birchley is digging the first earth watched by Bill Richards from Chesham Town Council, the Chair and Vice Chair of Governors, Mr Andrew Brown and Mr Graham Hull, Mr Barry Jacobs, Contracts Manager at  Mcardle Sport-Tec with Mr Kevin Patrick, Principal at Chiltern Hills Academy.

This project would not have been possible without the assistance of Dr Mark Pegg who has worked tirelessly to ensure that planning and fundraising have aligned to achieve this outcome.  

Mr Patrick said: ‘This project will provide a fantastic community facility for years to come. There is not a similar pitch in the town and surrounding area.  Many players, young and old, will enjoy using this fully FA compliant pitch, so we look forward to seeing it completed and in use.’

There remains a small funding gap and the school continues to fund-raise.  You can help, using the Just Giving campaign at:

Or email  if you would like to become a sponsor or to donate in another way, for this soon to be completed facility. 

The progress of the construction will be updated in the school newsletters which are uploaded onto the school website every two weeks.