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Visit by Beacon International School Students

CHA Welcomes Students and Staff from Accra

CHA had the great privilege of hosting a team of three teachers and 12 students from an International School near Accra in Ghana. The students were mostly from the equivalent of year 8, so were teamed up with host students from CHA to spend a whole day at the school. The team shared a little of their home with the whole of year 8 in a special assembly and then joined in with Dance, Drama, Science, Maths, Music, basketball in PE and football in the break alongside their host students. The Director and Principal of the school, Samuel and Sarah Yeboah (who have a longstanding connection with St. Mary’s church) and their Head of Science were able to connect with teachers across the school throughout the day. Each spoke of how inspiring they had found the whole visit. They observed that the Chiltern Hills 7 Values were closely equivalent to values they sought to model in Ghana. The students from CHA were a brilliant testimony to the school in their welcome, with many of the students from Ghana expressing their delighted surprise at the warmth of the welcome they had received. We hope this partnership will continue into the future.

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