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Coronavirus Information

EntranceFor Risk Assessment please see document below.


The wearing of masks is no longer mandatory though may be worn. We continue to have supplies of masks at the front door and in the staff room. We have asked staff to ensure that classroom doors and windows are open to ensure that there is a good flow of air.

The twice weekly flow testing is no longer required but students should carry out a test if they feel unwell. If the test is positive the student should isolate for 5 days and not attend school. Please notify the school of the infection and absence. Using the five-day guidance from the start of the symptoms follow-up LF tests after day five should be undertaken; after two consecutive lateral flow tests being negative the student can return to school.
Thank you to our parents for keeping us informed if there is a positive lateral flow test in your family.  A reminder the email to use in these circumstances is:

If your child/ren is between 12-15 years of age then a vaccination is possible using this link:

We encourage you to make a face mask. This is more economical and has less impact on the environment. If you can make two or three then they can be washed each day. Instructions on how to make them can be found here. Face coverings are not required in lessons, however students may wear one if they so wish. A small plastic bag is needed for each student to store their face covering. Face coverings are to be worn as a safety measure, not a fashion statement, as part of smart school uniform. As such, we will not allow bandanas, scarfs, hoodies, snoods, balaclavas etc. - only proper face coverings. Students who are exempted on medical grounds from wearing a face mask will need a note from home to explain why they are exempt.











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