Chiltern Hills Academy A Church of England Academy



Oxford Diocesan Board of Education - Represented by A Davey
Buckinghamshire County Council - Represented by J Marchant

Governing Body

The members of the Governing Body serve on various committees to ensure the smooth running of the Academy as indicated below for current members. 

 Governor Diocese of Oxford Governor unless indicated Committees

Chandra Adams


Learning & Teaching;

Steven Adams (Vice Chair)

Bucks LA

Finance & Audit; Management; MAT working Group (Chair); Admissions (Chair)

Mohammed-Irfan Arif

Bucks LA

Finance & Audit; MAT Working Group;

Andrew Brown


Learning & Teaching; Management; MAT Working Group;

Derek Butler


Learning & Teaching (Chair)

Giles Ellerton


Finance & Audit; Management;

Philip Garner



Graham Hull


Learning & Teaching; Finance  & Audit (Chair); Management; MAT Working Group;

Stephen Elkins-Jarrett


Learning & Teaching; Management; MAT Working Group;

Javad Malik


Learning & Teaching; MAT Working Group; Admissions;

Caroline Mastrorilli

Parent Elected

Learning & Teaching; Management;

Kevin Patrick


Learning & Teaching; Finance & Audit; Management; MAT Working Group; Admissions;

Martin Paxton


Finance & Audit; Management (Chair); MAT Working Group;

Rebecca Rochon


Learning & Teaching;

Katharine Shaw


Learning & Teaching; Management; Admissions; MAT Working Group;

Peter Stansbury

Parent Elected

Finance & Audit; Management; MAT Working Group;

For a committee grid including terms of office and explanatory notes, please click here.